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About Us

We are an energy company with a difference.

We want to help you understand your energy usage, reduce your carbon footprint and ensure you receive accurate bills.

What's so exciting about energy, you ask? Well, quite a lot actually! We are at the forefront of some exciting changes in the energy industry and we are being smart about looking after our customers.

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"We know that First Utility is going to resonate with UK consumers' concerns regarding rising fuel prices. From a financial perspective, when householders are counting the pennies and not looking forward to a winter of high energy bills, the First Utility smart metering service means they can save money by reducing wasted energy - the cheapest energy unit is the one you have not used!" Mark Daeche, co-founder of First Utility.

Our policies

Providing the best possible customer care is one of our core aims at First Utility. We appreciate that the energy industry can sometimes be confusing, clouded in technical terms and processes, so we think it's important that we let you know exactly what we will do for you, and what you can do if you experience any problems.

Our promise to you

As part of this commitment to customer service we have a set of procedures and standards that we follow.

Our vision: Smarter services for life

Here at First Utility we strive to be smarter.

Smart meters are central to our smart service. Our meters use cutting edge technology to automatically submit readings to our head office. We then take your home or business consumption information, and present it back to you in a clear and meaningful way, so that they can fully understand your energy usage. It is this detailed historical data that drives changes in habits, not the novelty of seeing consumption spike when you turn the lights on provided by a home display or energy monitoring unit

But being smarter isn’t just about supplying smart meters, it’s about being smarter in every aspect of our business, from the software we use to provide the backbone to our operations, to the information we provide to our customers. Being smart to us means being more efficient, more innovative and more customer-focused than our competitors, providing the best service possible to our customers.

Mark Daeche, founder and CEO of First Utility believes strongly in providing a smarter energy supply to UK households. The Guardian newspaper recently interviewed Mark to find out what drives him to move the energy industry forward, the following is an excerpt from this interview:

“Do you know how big your power bill was for that cold winter? Do you know how much more energy you were using? Do you sometimes think about changing tariff, and then give up in despair at the complexity?"

"Mark Daeche understands. He wants to make the energy meter in your house smarter so that, rather than just telling you how much you’ve used, it will interact with you power supplier. It could also tell you how much you’ve used for washing, or how much for home entertainment. One day you might even be able to set your washing machine to run when the instantaneous spot price of electricity falls below a certain amount.”

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