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Ways to conserve energy

Energy conservation. An astonishing way to help protect the earth you live in, and the wallet that feeds you.


You use energy everyday. Anywhere from charging your cell phone to have a connection to the rest of the world, or simply warming up your breakfast to get your metabolism started. A consequence to having such luxuries comes at a price. However there is a solution and ways to conserve energy. Self generated energy. Energy does not have to be necessarily bought from huge companies like British Gas or EDF.

Energy can be easily, and safely be generated in your backyard. Something that rings up £250 can save you thousands in the long run.

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One of the simple solutions involve building your own windmill. You don't even have to spend lots of money buying a pre-made one. You can simply build one with the junk in your garage and some parts from your local hardware store.

In the summer, when the air is humid, the temperature is at it's highest, and your sitting at home sweating because you can't afford to pay for your air conditioning electric needs. You can simply create a one time, simple solution, that will last you forever. Also saving, and preserving the very planet that you live in. By conserving energy, and even producing it yourself you help earth stay the way it is now. Global Warming is pushing our planet to it's limits. If left unchecked the sea level rise of 40 feet can be expected somewhere in the not so distant future.

Here are a few more simple ways to conserve energy:

  • Do not leave your Air Conditioner on while you are out or it is simply not needed. In fact it is estimated that your Air Conditioner wastes about 0.25p worth of energy in one hour.
  • A simple thing as a light switch can effect your consumption rate. Buy a dimmer, which allows you to select the brightness of your light. which can help you use less of energy but not turning the light bulb on all the way.
  • Purchase fluorescent light bulbs. They not only are brighter, but they also last up to 10 times longer then a usual bulb while consuming a quarter of the power.
  • Insulate your windows. Heat can easily escape your home through cracks and opening in walls and windows. Spending some cash insulating, can lead to huge savings and help you to conserve energy in the long run.
  • Turn your appliances, especially the computer off when you are not using it. Waiting 5 minuets for it to turn on beats the enormous amount of money that you will save on your bill at the end of the month.

Following the steps mentioned above, and described in this article can considerably lower your monthly bill, keep your family safe, and most importantly keep the ground that you step on in good shape. Some of these energy conserving ideas maybe inconvenient, but that is just something you will have to overcome. Because our planet is changing, and it is changing very fast.

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