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How to conserve energy Throughout Your Home

These days, it seems everyone is on a tight budget. One of the best and simplest ways to cut costs is to conserve energy.


The simplest tasks will conserve energy and put money back into your pockets, during these hard economic times.

Conserving energy in your home can be very beneficial. You'll begin saving money, reducing high monthly utility bills, and reducing the need for fossil fuels, all the while preserving the environment for future generations.

You can instantly conserve energy and save money by making a few simple choices that will help reduce your monthly electric and fuel bills without sacrificing your comfort.

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Here are a few ways to help you conserve energy in your home:


Like the human body, a heating system needs to be properly maintained. So, a monthly check should be performed on the filters in your heating system. Properly maintaining the heating system in your home will reduce fuel consumption and save you money.

During the winter months, reduce the thermostat in your home to a comfortable temperature between 68 and 70 degrees. When you go to sleep, lower your thermostat by about 5-10 degrees. In doing so, you're saving energy and you're also helping improve your health and appearance-experts say.


During the hot summer months, it is best to keep your air conditioner running efficiently-you don't want it to run out of juice! For the best results, check the filters on your air conditioner each month, and replace filters if and when they become dirty.

Consider installing and setting an automatic timer for the temperature of the room. This way it'll be higher during the hours you are away from home and cooler before you return home.

Also, consider purchasing and installing ceiling fans throughout your home. This will help circulate the air in your home, and reduce the amount of time you use the air conditioner. Research has shown that ceiling fans use far less electricity than the standard air conditioner.


Many people often overlook the benefits of insulating the walls, floors and ceilings to reduce heat loss. By simply insulating your home, you will significantly conserve energy and cut your monthly heating and cooling costs.

This simple task can be achieved by placing a plastic film cover over windows, also known as weather stripping and caulking. These sealants will help prevent cold drafts from entering your home through the windows and doors in the cold winter months and reduce cold air from escaping during the hot summer months-- thus conserving the energy used for heating and cooling.

Besides, when your windows are weather-stripped, you won't be overworking your heating or cooling systems due to escaping air.


It is very important to unplug all unused electronics in your home, especially in the kitchen. Several small unplugged kitchen appliances can quickly add up to the same amount of used energy as a running refrigerator. Some items such as the DVD player and microwave actually continue using energy even when they're "off." These are otherwise known as phantom appliances. Any appliance that generates heat, a sound, a time, or light while off, is a phantom appliance!

Also consider replacing your old appliances for new energy efficient appliances. Other small tasks such as washing a large load of laundry in cold water, instead of warm or hot water can also be a wise way to use appliances to save electricity.

Light Bulbs

Something as small as changing the light bulbs in your home can conserve energy and save you money. Research has shown that compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs can last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs, and use approximately 75% less energy.

Those same studies conducted in 2010 showed fluorescent light bulbs can save the homeowner more than $40 in electricity costs during the light bulb's lifetime. CFLs, as they are known, can cut cooling costs in your home, as they tend to produce 75% percent less heat than standard incandescent bulbs and are a significant way to conserve energy.

Contact the experts at Dr. Energy Saver Virginia for ways to achieve home energy savings in VA.

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