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conserve energy - Wash Your Clothes Properly

Washing your clothes can use up a lot of energy. In fact, the washing machine is an energy hog. It is one of the biggest energy consumers in your household.


But this knowledge should not deter you from doing your laundry the easier way. You can lessen your energy consumption and knowing which energy setting to use can help.

Why do we need to conserve energy in the first place? Washing machines are used for practical reasons. We just could not afford to spend a lot of time doing our laundry manually.

Neither can we afford to shell out money for laundry services all the time. But our energy resources are fast depleting. It is our duty to conserve our energy reserves so we can enjoy electricity for the decades to come.

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Here are a few conservation techniques you should employ while doing your laundry:

1. Wash during weekends. Not only do you have more time to baby sit your laundry and make sure that damp clothes do not form molds inside the drum, you can also wash in full laundry cycles. Washing in full laundry cycles can maximize the use of your machine. You can lessen the number of times you are using your washer. This also prolongs the life of your washer.

2. It is no secret that heating elements of appliances use up a lot of energy. So try to avoid using hot water cycle. This also speeds up the deterioration of your clothes and your washer. If your washer can't get rid of huge stains, you should try pre-treating the stains first. Purchase a good stain remover or make your own. Food stains can be removed through the use of white vinegar. Just treat the area with vinegar solution before washing it completely in the laundry machine. Just knowing which energy setting to use, cold or warm water can help you conserve energy.

3. Maintain your washer regularly. Washer owners tend to use up more energy when their washer is malfunctioning. They force the machine to work before having it repaired. Regularly clean your washer and get rid of molds and mildew. Check the drain pipe and make sure nothing is clogging it.

4. Take advantage of the sunny weather and hang your clothes to dry instead of using the dryer to conserve energyand save on your energy bill. An hour of clothes drying is nearly equivalent to a whole day of using light bulbs. Knowing which energy setting here can help so you would also want to set the spin cycle of your machine to medium settings only. Fast spin settings speed up the deterioration of washers and consume more energy.

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