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conserve energy: Save Money on Electricity

With the limited energy reserves that the world has, it is of utmost importance to conserve energy and utilise them in a much more productive way.


Electricity, one form of energy, is one of the basic needs of men. Yet, a lot of people do not pay attention in conserving it. Cheap electricity hardly exists with the economy's ups and downs and increasing rate of poverty that everyone seems to be experiencing now.

As a matter of helping the world conserve energy, finding better ways to reduce electric consumption is a good start. We can save money on electricity in various ways. Let us start with the most energy-consuming heating and cooling systems. Don't you know that your electric bill will be reduced by 2 % for every degree that you lower down your thermostat every winter? How about keeping your air conditioner set to high if the night is cool? These are just simple ways that you may consider to save money on electricity when using your heating and cooling system at home. Making use of the natural light is also another way to conserve energy.

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You do not need to turn on the lights in your room if sun light is accessible through your window. You also don't have to run your dryer often if you can just line dry your laundry under the heat of the sun. You have to take note how energy vampires are silently increasing your electric bill. Energy vampires are the things in your home that consume electricity even when they are not turned on. Television, computer, and other appliances are just few of the energy vampires that consume small amount of electricity for them to be ready to turn on anytime of the day.

Another way to save electricity is to use your oven efficiently. You can cook more than one meal at a time in your oven. If you own a freezer, make sure that it is at least ¾ full so it can run more efficiently. This will help lessen your electric bill monthly. The lesser the electricity you consume, the more energy is conserved and the greater opportunity for you to save money on electricity.

Brad not only writes about Cheap electricity water filter, but he has also blogs about how to save money on electricity.

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